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About Us

"At Bob Evans, we treat strangers
like friends and friends like family."

At Bob Evans, we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our customers, our employees and our partners.

"Bob Evans Special Touch" (BEST) has helped us reinforce quality, service and cleanliness in our restaurants and has served as a valuable mentoring program in our plants. Because we feel that BEST so appropriately describes what we each set out to accomplish every day, it has become a way of life at Bob Evans.

BEST is defined as a commitment to going above and beyond to exceed expectations of customers, fellow employees and partners. Or more simply put, going above and beyond expectations.

BEST symbolizes these core values:

BEST embodies what makes us different from other companies - our sense of family, our dedicated, hardworking people and our ability to treat guests and employees how they deserve to be treated.

There are five (5) core goals that define how we plan to achieve our company's vision and mission. These ideas, named BEST Brand Builders, or focuses on ways that we can all work together to make our company successful, profitable and a place to call home.
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